About Us

          You know how in every classic novel there is always the pivotal moment in the main character’s life? For Sheena that was 2001 with the birth of her son, Zavier. After a few weeks at home and her mindset changes dramatically. She started to live her life, to ensure her sons’ happiness and safety. She left an abusive marriage, went to college to find a passion that would do just that. Happiness and safety for both of them. On one particularly hard and late night, Sheena looked across the dinner table and told Zavier that they will all survived this -
they would spend the rest of their lives doing what they loved.

Now, they are a family of three after meeting the love of her life, Justin. They got married and Justin adopted Zavier. They continue to follow their dreams and doing what they all love! And here we are, creating graphics and living out our lives celebrating each dream we meet!